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Bluedoor Design Group is a full service turn-key interior design firm. We specialize in high-end residences, but have been known to dabble in restaurants, office spaces and yachts. We design for new build as well as partial and full renovations. We offer total home design from initial space planning and finish selections to furniture and art installation.

As a true "service" design firm our primary focus is our clients. Our goal is to always make our clients happy and to make the process as easy, fun and as smooth as possible. We create thoughtful detailed spaces specially for each client and tailor each design and the details per each clients own individual dreams, desires, lifestyle and needs.

We believe design is a team sport and openly collaborate with our clients, architects, builders, and contractors through every step- from concept, material selections, fixture selections, lighting, furniture and even down to accessories to ensure the project remains true to the vision and cohesive throughout.

We work with our clients on their projects as much or as little as they need, to achieve the results they want. We produce all of our design drawings in-house which can include space planning layouts, floor plans, furniture plans, ceiling plans, lighting plans, cabinetry and custom design detailing to ensure everyone involved has a clear picture of the scope and details of the project.

​​We are state licensed, NCIDQ certified, and insured.

We offer a wide range of Interior Design services- from turn-key whole home designs to simple design consulting. From concept sketches through furniture selections- purchasing and installation...and everything in between. We produce all of our own Design drawings in house that are bid and build ready complete with the full design specifications schedules and spec books. We assist the homeowner throughout the process, and monitor construction, aide in on-site problem solving and help to keep timelines and budgets on track. No matter the scale or size of your project we can help you with whatever your design needs may be. Contact us to createa service plan that suits your project.



The process to design a new home can be daunting, there are a lot of decisions to make and it can be overwhelming. We understand this- we break the process down into smaller sections and build up to the full design. Along the way we walk you through our process from sketches and mood boards, to tiles and stone, fabrics and finishes all the way through architectural design, construction and all the finishing touches. You will always know what things are and where we are headed. You will be able to sit back and enjoy the ride from inspiration ideas to reality!

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All of our design drawings are created in house, and detailed as needed to provide both an accurate depiction of our designs, but also to provide both the Client and build team with the information they need to understand and create the design. We create a variety of drawings for each project from floor plans to elevations and detail sheets to ensure the project runs smoothly!

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Haile has been in the interior design field for almost two decades. After graduating with a degree in Interior Design, she started her career with the prestigious South Florida designer, Louis Shuster of Shuster Design Associates. Since then she has worked with other design industry leaders, and spent several years in the construction industry with a design-build company as a designer and project manager. Haile's passion for design, construction knowledge and her innate talent for getting to truly know her clients is evident in every project.


Haile is a lover of the outdoors, travel, a great party and good food. When not at the office you will find her on the beach, sailing or enjoying dinner and a bottle of wine at Oceano Kitchen.

Born and raised in Colombia, Natalia started her career in Graphic Design. After moving to Florida, she found her passion in Interior Design and, luckily, throughout the process she has been able to mix both professions, making her journey unique. Her drive to create beautiful things and to get things done makes her a huge asset in every project she works on. She started as an intern with Haile and the two hit it off famously.

Natalia truly enjoys EVERYTHING design… from visiting museums to watching red carpets on TV to see what everyone is wearing (guilty pleasure!). A perfect day for Natalia is when she gets to enjoy the people she loves and, of course, delicious food has to be involved.

Together, anyone will tell you that Haile and Natalia are quite the team. They compliment each other and work together seamlessly to provide the ultimate services for their clients. Their true passion is making clients happy. They enjoy nothing more than knowing their clients are satisfied and love their new design.


Haile Pegues



Natalia Walker


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